SWS Seehafen Stralsund GmbH is the owner and operator of the Stralsund harbour. Stralsund harbour is a universal one with a long tradition. The Hanseatic city of Stralsund was founded in 1234 and was one of the major long-distance trading ports in northern Europe in the middle ages. True to its hanseatic roots, the harbour is now an efficient logistics centre on the Baltic coast of western Pomerania.

Major investment in the harbour's equipment and the local infrastructure such as expanding the southern harbour, building a new Franken harbour, connecting the harbour to the A20 autobahn via the Stralsund by-pass and the new Ruegen Bridge that came into use in October 2007 has made our location very attractive to business and tourism. Stralsund has managed to attract steel and construction materials companies, thus further improving our reputation as an industrial and logistics centre on the Baltic.